Food menu

M.E.B.O (Meal in a Bowl)
Chilly Chicken Bowl
(With Choice of Rice/Noodles)
Chilly Paneer Bowl
(With Choice of Rice/Noodles)
Chilly Fish Bowl
(With Choice of Rice/Noodles)
Chicken Manchurian Bowl
(With Choice of Rice/Noodles)
Veg Manchurian Bowl
(With Choice of Rice/Noodles)
Butter Chicken Bowl
(With Choice of Rice/Roti/Paratha)
Chicken Curry Bowl
(With Choice of Rice/Roti/Paratha)
Mutton Curry Bowl
(With Choice of Rice/Roti/Paratha)
Paneer Butter Masala Bowl
(With Choice of Rice/Roti/Paratha)
Paneer Lababdar Bowl
(With Choice of Rice/Roti/Paratha)
Dal Tadka Bowl
(With Choice of Rice/Roti/Paratha)
Dal Makhani Bowl
(With Choice of Rice/Paratha)
Veg Biryani Rs.189
Chicken Biryani Rs.249
Mutton Biryani Rs.249
French Fries Rs.89
Peri Peri Fries Rs.119
Cheesy Fries Rs.139
Smilies Rs.139
Cheesy Nachos Rs.149
Chicken B.B.Q Chicken Fries Rs.159
Chicken Nuggets Rs.179
Crunchy Chicken Rs.179
Cheese Chaska Rs.179
Paneer Nuggets Rs.139
Veg Non-Veg
Steam Momos Rs.100 Rs.125
Fried Momos Rs.145 Rs.165
Tandoori Momos Rs.120 Rs.165
Afghani Momos Rs.149 Rs.189
FatMan Special Momos Rs.160 Rs.185
Chilli Garlic Momos Rs.160 Rs.185
Bhatti Momos Rs.160 Rs.185
Crunchy Momos Rs.160 Rs.185
Classic Chicken Rs.139
Chicken Tikka Rs.159
Chicken Malai Tikka Rs.169
Butter Chicken Rs.169
Egg Roll Rs.169
Classic Rolls Rs.79
Soya Chaap Rs.119
Soya Malai Chaap Rs.139
Paneer Tikka Rs.149
(Add on Egg Rs.20/-)
(Extra Filling Veg.50/-/Non Veg.70/-)
Rumali Roti Rs.20
Tandoori Roti Rs.20
Butter Roti Rs.25
Plain Naan Rs.50
Butter Naan Rs.60
Garlic Naan Rs.60
Masala Luchha Rs.60
Pudina Paratha Rs.60
Luchha Paratha Rs.60
Missi Roti Rs.60
Tava Roti Rs.15
Stuffed Kulcha
(Aloo/Paneer/Onion Mix)
Wild Berry Rs.159
Oreo Rs.149
Oreo Kitkat Rs.159
Oreo Nutella Rs.169
Kitkat Nutella Rs.159
Nutella Peanut Butter Rs.149
Ferro Rosher Rs.159
Chocolate Rs.129
Strawberry Rs.149
Mango Rs.149
Pineapple Rs.149
Black Current Rs.149
Butter Scotch Rs.159
Lotus Biscoff Rs.189
Double Chocolate Brownie Rs.169
Cold Coffie with ice cream Rs.169
Cold Coffie without ice cream Rs.149
Hazelnut Cold Coffee Rs.179
Black Coffee Rs.49
Hand Beaten Hot Coffee Rs.129
Ready made Tea Rs.49
Cardamom Tea Rs.49
Black Tea Rs.49
Ginger Tea Rs.59
Coke/Pepsi/Sprite MRP
Mineral Water MRP
Marination by Weight
250gm 500gm 1Kg
Chicken Tikka Rs.129 Rs.229 Rs.449
Chicken Malai Tikka Rs.169 Rs.249 Rs.449
Chicken Tangri (Red) Rs.149 Rs.249 Rs.499
Chicken Afghani Tangri Rs.169 Rs.279 Rs.549
Soya Tikka Rs.99 Rs.189 Rs.389
Malai Tikka Rs.109 Rs.199 Rs.399
Crispy Paneer Stick Rs.139 Rs.249 Rs.479
Soup & Salads
Clear Veg Soup Rs.89
Tomato Soup Rs.99
Cream of Broccoli Soup Rs.99
Manchow Soup (Chicken/Veg) Rs.169/ 149
Sweet Corn Soup (Chicken/Veg) Rs.169/ 149
Hot & Sour Soup (Chicken/Veg) Rs.169/ 149
Clear Chicken Soup Rs.99
Smoked Chicken Garlic Soup Rs.119
Ceasor Salad (Chicken/Veg) Rs.179
Boliled Chicken Salad Rs.179
Cold Chicken Salad Rs.179
Half Full
Tandoori Chicken Rs.219 Rs.399
Chicken Tikka Rs.149 Rs.219
Chicken Malai Tikka Rs.159 Rs.259
Lehsuni Chicken Tikka Rs.159 Rs.259
Chicken Seekh Kebab Rs.159 Rs.259
Chicken Lahori Tikka Rs.169 Rs.259
Chicken Reshmi Tikka Rs.169 Rs.289
Chicken Afghani Rs.299 Rs.479
Chicken Kalami Rs.289
Banno Kebab Rs.189 Rs.299
Chicken Barra Rs.299 Rs.479
Bhatti Murg Tikka Rs.159 Rs.279
Bhuna Gost Rs.389
Mutton Seek Kebab Rs.289
Mutton Dahi Wala Rs.399
Fish Tikka Ajwaini Rs.399
Fish Amritsari Rs.399
Paneer Tikka Rs.189
Lehsuni Paneer Tikka Rs.199
Mushroom Tikka Rs.159
Veg. Kebab Rs.169
Hera Bhara Kebab Rs.159
Dahi Ke Kebab Rs.179
Mushroom Galauti Rs.289
Soya Malai Tikka Rs.199
Soya Tikka Rs.189
Bhatti Soya Rs.229
Tandoori Aloo Rs.179
Main Course
Half Full
Egg Curry Rs.299 Rs.549
Chicken Curry Rs.299 Rs.549
Butter Chicken Rs.359 Rs.609
Butter Chicken Boneless Rs.389
Chicken Kalimirch Rs.359 Rs.609
Chicken Tikka Masala Rs.399
Chicken Dhaniya Adraki Rs.389
Tawa Chicken Rs.389
Chicken Rarra Rs.389
Methi Chicken Rs.399
Mutton Rogan Josh Rs.429
Mutton Curry Rs.279
Mutton Rarra Rs.279
Kali Mirchi Mutton Rs.429
Tomato Fish Rs.499
Paneer Butter Masala Rs.249
Paneer Lababder Rs.249
Paneer Dhaniya adarki Rs.249
Paneer Tikka Masala Rs.269
Palak Paneer Rs.249
Methi Paneer Rs.279
Tawa Paneer Rs.279
Lehsuni Palak Rs.249
Dal Makhni Rs.259
Dal Tadka Rs.229
Shyam Savera Kofta Rs.249
Soya Butter Masala Rs.249
Malai Kofta Rs.249
Veg Non-Veg
Alfredo Rs.219 Rs.249
Arabiata Rs.219 Rs.249
Makhni Sauce Rs.219 Rs.249
Aglio Olio Rs.219 Rs.249
Pesto Green Rs.219 Rs.249
Chicken Chilly (Dry/ Gravy) Rs.279
Chicken Manchurian (Dry/ Gravy) Rs.249
Chicken Hot Garlic Sauce (Gravy) Rs.279
Chilly Fish (Dry/ Gravy) Rs.399
Chilly Paneer (Dry/ Gravy) Rs.249
Veg. Manchurian (Dry/ Gravy) Rs.249
Vegetable Hot Garlic Sauce (Gravy) Rs.249
Honney Chilly Potatoes Rs.199
Noodles & Rice
Veg Non-Veg
Singapore Rs.189 Rs.249
Hakka Rs.189 Rs.249
Chilly Garlic Rs.189 Rs.249
Fried Rice Rs.169 Rs.229
Veg. Sandwich Rs.99
Nacho Veg. Sandwich Rs.119
Exotic Veg. Sandwich Rs.179
FatMan&Co's Club Veg. Sandwich Rs.199
Chicken Sandwich Rs.129
FatMan&Co's Chiken Club Sandwich Rs.249
B.B.Q Chicken Sandwich Rs.229
Beer Batter Fish Rs.429
Grilled Fish Lemon Butter Pepper Sauce Rs.369
FatMan&Co's Fish Fingers Rs.429
Olive Chicken Skewer Rs.259
Grilled Chicken Supreme Rs.389
Chicken Steak Rs.329
Zinger Fried Chicken Rs.219
Chicken Rolade Rs.349
Mutton Steak Rs.359
Cheesy Balls Rs.229
Cheesy Mushroom Rs.249
Paneer Steack Rs.199
Saute Vegetable Rs.129
Allo Tikki Burgers Rs.99
Chicken Burgers Rs.129
Exotic Veg Patty Burgers Rs.199
Oregano Chicken Patty Burgers Rs.249
Butter Chicken Burgers Rs.249
Big Meaty Burgers Rs.299
FatMan&Co's Signature Burgers
(a.k.a. Pure Heaven)
Margherita Rs.279
English Garden Rs.329
Veg Tiryaki Rs.329
Four Cheese Rs.369
B.B.Q Chicken Pizza Rs.349
Chicken Tiryaki Rs.349
Butter Chicken Pizza Rs.349

Available for Takeaway & Delivery

Outdoor Catering & Birthday Parties